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Uninsurable HealthCare Options

We become uninsurable for health insurance due to preexisting health conditions. Certain condtions put us into the high risk health catagory. A lot of these high risk preexisting medical conditions are not insurable by the individual insurance plans.

If you have group coverage it's a different story because preexisting conditions are fully covered by group plans. The uninsurable problem arises while moving from group coverage to an individual plan. By law group insurance must cover preexisting condtions, thus group health insurance costs more than individual plans. The money to pay for the extra healthcare needed has to come from somewhere, it comes from the monthly premium.

No need to blame the non-group companies for their lack of coverage with preexisting conditions though. Why not? Because individual coverage does what it is designed to do, cover the unknown and unexpected future health problems that may occur, thus the term, insurance. Of course this assumes good coverage by an ethical company. Group health insurance is governed by a different set of rules.

Regardless, it is scary to be uninsurable and without health insurance.

When you are found to be an uninsurable health risk and all available options don't work for you. Or if they are not affordable, you'll find it takes some creativity to get as much health insurance protection as possible.

If you are uninsurable due to being overweight we highly recommend the Idiot Proof Diet. Please don't be offended by the name, it's just that the program is truely idiot proof and works really well. It is the most ultimate never feel hungry, yet lose weight program, that's ever been devised.

 Accident Insurance Plans
Being uninsurable without health insurance doesn't mean you can't protect yourself againest the high cost of accidents. These plans are competitively priced and are a great value. You can also add optional disability benefits.

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Would you like to speak with an agent to see if they can get you coverage? If so click the "Get A Quote" link above to have an agent licensed in your state contact you. Their job is to help find a solution and get you covered with the right health insurance uninsurable or otherwise.

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Uninsurable Health Insurance
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