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Temporary Medical Insurance
Instant Medical Insurance

    Why temporary medical?
    Temporary medical plans work well when we need them the most. When beginning a new job
    we have to wait for eligibility before new  medical benefits kick in. When you leave a job the
    big discovery happens, the COBRA option offered shows how  much  your health insurance
    actually cost. Most people are unprepared to pay the high cost their employer was paying so
    they go with a temporary medical plan until they are eligible for new group benefits with a new     employer. If moving to self employment rather than a new job, you'll be entering the individual     insurance market. Temporary plans are Tthe COBRA insurance alternative.

    How long is temporary?
    This depends on the state laws where you reside. Depending on your particular state, you can     keep temporary medical coverage for up to 12 months at a time and them must wait 6 monthes
    before reapplying for another temporary plan. In other states you may reapply indefinately, for
    plans like the Secure Short Term Medical by Standard Security Life.

    How much does it cost?
    By nature temporary or short term medical insurance does not cover preexisting conditions.
    That is not what it's designed to do. It is designed to cover the unexpected that can happen
    when we are vulnerable and without a full coverage type plan. Because they don't pay for
    preexisting conditions it costs much less than a permanate medical policy.

    When does coverage begin?
Your temporary policy can start protecting you within 24 hours or the date you specify.

    Is child only coverage available?
    Yes, most companies require the child to be at least 2 years old.

Temporary Medical Insurance
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