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  Return of Premium Term Life Insurance 

    Return of Premium Term
Does it bother you that  you'll pay for all those years of term life insurance and if you survive you     have no life insurance, and the money  you paid for it, is gone too?  We know  the family needs     protecting, so we just go  with the  best  option  available.  Return of premium  does cost  more     because not only does the  insurance company guarantee a payout at time of death, they have
    to refund the premiums if you survive. ROP is replaced less than regular term life insurance, so     there's a higher probability of payout for the insurer,  thus higher expenses to the insurance     carrier.

    So, is it worth it? The extra premium equates this way. Take the cost of non-ROP term and invest
    it at about a 8% return. That's about how much  ROP costs. Can you, would you "invest the rest"     and get a consistent 8% over the length of term?  Do you have the discipline to manage this?
    If not then return of premium is for you.

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