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Term Life Insurance vs Whole Life

   Term Life vs Whole Life
   The question is often asked,  "Why Term life instead of  Whole life  or  Universal life?"  There  are
   licensed professionals in this field  that  will disagree with us,  but  the cost of  Whole or Universal
   life policies is not worth the expected benefits. When we compare to the cost to Term life, Term is
   a fraction of the others.  Most cannot afford Whole, Universal or Variable life polices anyway.  The    reason stated for buying them is for the cash accumulation aspect that is supposed to be there for
   us in the latter years. By time the fees within the policy eat up your premium dollars it just doesn't
   add up.

   Some will tell you that you do not have the discipline to buy cheap term and invest the rest, so buck
   up 'en pay through the nose for this or that investment grade life insurance. Whether you can afford    the high premiums or not, they're still not a good deal.  It's life insurance, it functions well if you die.    Most people we quote can just afford term life insurance to protect their families.

   When they have more money and the goal of retirement, we put them into an Annuity that is right
   for them. Their money goes farther and the investment return is superior. The only time a whole life    policy is worthy of purchase is when picking up a small one to take care of burial expenses that
   have not been prepaid. That is an excellent way to use a whole life policy.

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   If you are thinking about planning for retirement or earning a return on your investment, consider
   investing with annuities. With annuities, you can receive regular income from your invested money.
   You can start earning now, or after retirement and you can invest as much as you want, unlike IRAs
   (Individual Retirement Arrangements), which can limit the amount that you contribute annually.
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   Are you uninsurable on a standard life policy? If so you may want to look at this guaranteed issue
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