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Individual and Family Dental Insurance Plans

Dental Insurance comes two ways.  True dental and the discount dental plans.
Because the insurance plans have waiting periods.  I've seen families use the
discount plans until the waiting periods are satisfied. All this would depend on
how much work your families teeth may need.  The more there is the greater
the savings. Click below to begin instant quotes.

  Compare all three to find the best plan.

Dental Plans.com

  This is a nationwide discount program that has a varing amount of providers   depending on the area you are in. Be sure to check the providers. You are sure
  to save money with this plan if there are adequate providers for available.

Dental Insurance.com

  True insurance plan that allows you to go to "Any Dentist" anywhere, so a
  provider base is not important. Any time you go the insurance route on this
  product and there are less than 10 people in the group, there will be waiting
  periods for major work.

Select Dental Plan

  This is a nationwide dental program and you can go to any provider also. If you
  go to a Cigna Access Network extra discounts are provided! Take a look at
  the reimbursment schedule, it pays well. No Waiting Periods.


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