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Accident Insurance Plans
Sports, Travel, On The Job, Personal, Family, Student, Self Employed

These personal accident insurance plans come with supplemental healthcare benefits that offer some very substantial healthcare savings for the whole family, for a low monthly cost. These plans are available for for all regardless of insurability. If you are uninsured or uninsurable due to preexisting medical conditions, these plans will help defray some medical expenses.

If you have a high deductible health insurance plan or an HSA type plan these family accident insurance plans plug the high deductible gap very nicely. If you have kids it's a must to have good accident protection. Ideal for students too. Again if you are con- sidered high risk healthwise look at the Upgrade Packages for additional benefits.

Included With All Packages Are These Core Discounts

     Medical Service Negotiations: Save 20%-50% on imaging and lab tests at more 
      than 5400 participating providers.

     Diabetic Savings: Savings up to 60% on diabetic supplies and equipment.

     Medical Supply: Discounts up to 50% off retail for thousands of medical  
      supply and equipment needs.

     Rx: Deep discounts on generic and brand name prescription drugs via mail order 
	      and at more than 65,000 pharmacies.

     Lasik: Up to-50% off Lasik surgery at over 750 locations. Flexible financing 
      plans as low as $53 per month.

     Fitness Clubs: Online fitness traing programs. Exercise, diet, weight loss, 
      all customized for you. 

     Vitamins: Buy direct from the manufacture for savings up to 75% Low price 
     Accident Medical Expense (AME) coverage: Up to $10,000 per family member.

     OPTIONAL Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage: Up to  
      $250,000 for the primary member. Available on PLUS, ENHANCED 
      and PREMIUM plans.
	                         Questions about this plan? Call 877-635-8384 

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AccidentSHIELD Pricing

                                    $2500 AccidentSHIELD 
                       $2500 Member Only    $22.00 per month  
                       $2500 Family                $35.00 per month 
                                   $5000 AccidentSHIELD 
                      $5000 Member Only    $28.00 per month  
                      $5000 Family                $45.00 per month 
                                  $7500 AccidentSHIELD 
                      $7500 Member Only    $35.00 per month 
                      $7500 Family                $54.00 per month 

                                  $10,000 AccidentSHIELD 
                      $10,000 Member Only  $43.00 per month 
                      $10,000 Family              $64.00 per month 

Optional Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Benefit

     Elimination period: 7 days. 
     Benefit period: Up to 52 weeks. 
     Occupation: True own occupation 
     Benefit amount: 65% of weekly salary to a maximum of $500. 
       If unemployed at the time of accidental injury, the weekly benefit 
       amount is $100. 
     Coverage available for Member AND Working Spouse/Domestic 
    TTD benefit is not available to residents of California, Connecticut, 
    Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey,  
    New York, South Dakota, or Vermont.

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Accident Insurance Plan
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